NewVHS is a collaborative collective and web series created by Kevin R. Wright and Spencer Starnes in May of 2011. It features the work from several directors, writers, cinematographers, actors, and crew. We have released over fourty short videos over of the past four years. Currently, the team works collaboratively over the internet between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. 

Every episode of NewVHS is a small serving of an old TV show, feature film or piece of pop-culture framed within our own take on the VHS era. We drop the audience into the middle of the action, completely out of context, presenting them with a genre, a situation, and characters that feel familiar.
From this, we lampoon everything from teen crime sitcoms to anthropology docs. The possibilities are nearly endless.
Combining comedy, dated film techniques and era-specific insensitivities let's us play with people’s memories, subverting them into something vaguely nostalgic and, hopefully, funny. 
We shoot everything with modern equipment. The footage is cropped and written onto a physical VHS tape. The flaws in the outdated aesthetic spark recollections of media long gone: neon graphics, product placement, and the dreamlike wonder of growing  up in the nineties. Not only are we trying to make comedy with a hook, but also make good use of the inherent psychological nature of physical video tape and all that nostalgia that comes with it. 

Below you'll find a sampling of which, I think, is us when we're at our best. 

You can find us on Vimeo and Facebook

Unbearable: The Last Urban KodiakDocumentary 

The last bear in Philadelphia faces extreme prejudice from the community, who see him as lazy and a tax drain in this intriguing 1991 documentary from renowned sociologist Dr. Henry Glatzer.

(Winner of both Philadelphia and LA 24 Hour Film Festivals for 2012)

The Unaired Pilot Episode of "Valley Boys: High"Teen Crime Sitcom

The leaked screener of the unaired "Valley Boys: High" pilot which follows teen hitmen Vinnie and Mackie Valleymen as they go undercover at Tinglecross High School and take on their highest profile target to date: Principal Valentimes. 

The Corpse Grinder - Zombie Horror

Randolph Wilhelm directs Murphy MacReady and a young Mia Martina Schultz in this remake of the 1972 classic Canadian horror film "Cadavre Grinderre".

Mime Brother and Me - Documentary

"Mime Brother and Me" follows the tumultous life of Chuck Okata as he attempts to care for his younger brother Mickey, the only living American with Silentia, a rare disease of the nervous system. The film follows their difficult and trying day to day lives as Chuck seeks treatment for Mickey.